Mining industry services from SGS: Provide you with a competitive edge.

In a globalized world with technological advances, increasing regulations and market fluctuations, the mining and exploration industries face increasingly complex challenges.

To help you meet these challenges, SGS offers a wide range of services covering exploration, plant design and engineering, manufacturing, industrial applications, decommissioning and closure. As a strategic partner, we provide analytics, technology, commercial and consulting services to help you achieve greater growth and leaner efficiencies, improving your speed to market and reducing risk. Our industry experts can help you take full advantage of market developments and technological advancements, allowing you to maximize opportunities and stay ahead of your competitors.

To meet the challenges of this dynamic industry, we continuously expand our service offering through our global network of industry experts and state-of-the-art facilities – giving you a competitive edge at every stage.

In the exploration phase, we offer a wide range of services, including geotechnical analyzes, resource calculations, technical reports, geometric and scoping studies, process scheme development, piloting and environmental services.

For the start-up and operation of mines, SGS provides a full suite of services covering on-site laboratories, water treatment, plant commissioning and operational support, process consulting, elimination of production bottlenecks, equipment optimization and expert systems.

In the feasibility and pre-production phases, our technical experts combine metallurgical expertise with our plant design experience to deliver timely, viable and cost-effective solutions for small-scale plant modernization, retrofit and brownfield expansion projects.

We carry out cargo and ship inspections, stock monitoring, equipment analysis and commercial analysis.