Efficiency of a Commercial Rice Cooker

When looking for an appliance that is designed to facilitate the cooking of large quantities of rice with little or no supervision is definitely something you want to look forward to. The invention of the rice cooker has made the rice cooking process faster and more convenient.

 Owing to the presence of a heating element, a temperature regulator (thermostat controller) and of course, a non-stick removable inner bowl, the rice cooker is unbelievably simple to use and yet one of the most valuable assets of any business that requires large quantities of rice on weekly or daily basis. Electric rice cookers are one of the most popular appliance choices among consumers because they require less time and attention when cooking rice.

Over the years, due to its efficiency in business, the commercial rice cooker has experienced an increasing rise in demand. In addition, rising gas prices in the past caused consumers to turn away from gas-powered kitchen appliances in favour of electrical ones.

In accordance to the analysis of the analysis of the electric rice cooker market, the end user, distribution method, and geographic regions are used to segment the electric rice cooker market. It is divided into household and commercial categories based on the end user.

Why should you use a rice cooker?

Electric rice cookers can slightly speed up the cooking process and are very effective at freeing up the cook’s time. Commercial rice cookers are self-efficient, and the only job of the cook is to measure rice and water. Many of the rice cooker types also have a “warm” setting to keep the rice warm after being cooked and have the ability to switch to that setting automatically once the cooking cycle has finished. This ensures rice will be fresh and warm when served without having to be reheated.

Generally, rice takes 30 minutes to cook, but factors such as the type of rice and how much rice is being cooked at once can change the amount of time it takes for the rice to cook; as well as the type of commercial rice cooker being used as each product can vary.

How to use your commercial rice cooker

To use a commercial rice cooker, it is important to make sure you wash the rice first. Washing your rice first will help your rice not stick while cooking. Sometimes adding some cooking oil can help to separate the grains and keep them from becoming sticky. Always follow your manual and recipes, as different types of rice will need to be cooked differently. For example, brown rice cooks longer than white rice and more water is needed. Here is a guide for you to use: one cup and a half of water for each cup of rice. And each cup of dry rice will come to two cups of cooked rice.

Personally, we use a commercial rice cooker to make rice in bulk while ensuring that the rice is properly and thoroughly cooked. Selecting the best commercial rice cooker can have a significant impact on your company. With the proper gas or electric commercial rice cooker, you can quickly make delicious rice and succeed in your business. We sincerely hope this article has assisted you in determining which type of commercial rice cooker is best for your company.